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Rental of Parks/Facilities  - General Information

Rental of all park facilities is on a first-come first-served basis and dates are reserved by submitting a Permit Application, Facility Rental Agreement, and a Security Deposit.  Remaining fees may be paid at the same time or within 2 months prior to the event. Use of the parks is non-exclusive and they remain open to the public, with consideration given to groups with reservations.  A Certificate of Liability Insurance naming Flathead County as additional insured is required for special events and must be received within 2 months prior to the event. 

The group size determines the amount of the Permit Fee and Security Deposit.  Any time necessary for set-up or take-down/clean-up needs to be included on the Permit Application and Facility Rental Agreement, and is included when calculating the total Permit fee. Additional fees are required for pavilion rental available at both Herron Park in Kalispell and Volunteer Park in Lakeside.

Facilities that have locked restrooms require a key which may be checked out from the Parks Department the day before the event and returned the day after the event. Any use or activity in County parks must conform to the published County Park Rules and Regulations, and we ask that landscaping and the limitations of the physical facilities be respected.

All fees are used to offset maintenance costs associated with equipment and staffing. Please come and enjoy your County parks! 

Permit Fees

Please Note:  Certain parks have additional amenities such as pavilions or stabling for horses.  Rental of these amenities require additional fees – see below. A set-up and/or take-down/clean- up fee is a minimum of $75, unless there is a significant impact on the facility, as determined by the Parks Department. There are no half-day rates.

Group Size Fees Security Deposit
Under 30 $125 $75
30 - 50 $225 $125
51 - 100 $325 $175
101 - 200 $425 $225
201 - 300 $525 $275

Park Facilities

Foys Community Center – Available Spring to Fall
Rental Fees:  Group size under 30 people - $160 per day;  30 - 50 people - $225; and
50 - 75 people - $325.  The amount of the Security Deposit is consistent with the user's fee and is required with the Permit Application.  This facility has a meeting room, a kitchen, restrooms, and deck and grass areas with picnic tables. A key must be checked out from the office the day prior to the event and returned the day after the event.  The Foys Center is closed approximately mid-October through the winter season.

Herron Park
This park includes horse trails and stalls, camping, cross-country ski trails, a sledding hill and restrooms.  Power at the parking lot and stabling area is available as well as water at the stabling area.  Two dressage arenas, permanent cross-country jumps and portable stadium jumps have been provided by the Flathead Combined Training Association and are available to use for a reasonable fee.  Use of the jumps is non-exclusive and requires prior authorization from the Flathead Combined Training Association (FCTA) who may be contacted by calling Linda Tutvedt at 406.249.3377.

Please plan your event in advance with reservations for camping, vehicles, tents and stalls. The person named on the Permit Application is responsible for collecting the stall and/or camping fees and will be be billed for overages.                

            Permit Fees – Please refer to rates indicated above. 
            Day use – $10 which fee may be deposited on site in the box provided.
            Overnight Camping/Vehicle/Tent – $20 per night, upon approval in conjunction
            with a special event (group) permit.
            Stall fees $20.00 per stall, per day
            Pavilion $50 per day    

The person named on the Permit Application is responsible for collecting all stall and/or camping fees. The Permittee will be billed for overages.  Shavings are the only acceptable material for stall beds and are provided by the user.  All used shavings and manure must be placed in manure waste boxes provided on the north and south ends of stalls.

Sliters Park/Riverbend Stage - Available Spring to Fall
Riverbend Stage is primarily intended for concerts, dramatic productions, outdoor classes, ceremonies and special community events. Riverbend Concert Association has use of the stage every Sunday from mid-June – mid-August.

Volunteer Park – Lakeside
This is the newest addition to our County parks and includes Flathead Lake access, swim docks, a boat dock, canoe and bicycle racks, and restrooms.  Three pavilions are available for rent.

            Permit Fees – Please refer to rates indicated above. 
            One large pavilion – $100 per day
            Two small pavilions – $50 each, per day  

Other Parks are available for rent, including Carlyle Johnson and Potoczny in Bigfork, as well as Ben Williams in Lakeside. Tennis courts are available at Ben Williams.  Some softball fields may be available.