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A National Emergency Alert TEST is issued for Wednesday, October 4. It will test cell phones and alerts to the media. This will happen at 12:20pm for Montana. Please do not call 911. Please share this information with your social media followers.

Justice Court

Monday - Friday
8:00a.m. - 5:00p.m.

Justice Court Downloads

1. Civil Case Filing and Trial Procedure.pdf
Modified 4 Months Ago
2. Civil Filing Packet.pdf
Modified 11 Days Ago
3. Answer Packet for Civil Complaint.pdf
Modified 4 Months Ago
4. Counterclaim for Civil Filing.pdf
Modified 1 Years Ago
5. Reply to Counterclaim.pdf
Modified 1 Years Ago
6. Request for Entry of Default-Civil.pdf
Modified 1 Years Ago
7. Request For Execution.pdf
Modified 1 Years Ago
8. Evictions Guide.pdf
Modified 4 Months Ago
9. Notice to Vacate Instructions.pdf
Modified 7 Years Ago
10. Civil Filing Packet-Landlord-Tenant.pdf
Modified 11 Days Ago
11. Answer to Complaint for Possession.pdf
Modified 4 Months Ago
12. Request For Entry of Default-LT.pdf
Modified 4 Months Ago
13. Small Claims Guide.pdf
Modified 2 Years Ago
14. Small Claims Packet.pdf
Modified 11 Days Ago
15. Counterclaim for Small Claims.pdf
Modified 1 Years Ago
16. List of Process Servers.pdf
Modified 11 Days Ago
17. Certificate of Mailing.pdf
Modified 1 Years Ago
18. Motion- Civil.pdf
Modified 1 Years Ago
19. Petition for Temporary Order of Protection.pdf
Modified 5 Months, 5 Days Ago
20. Motion - Criminal.pdf
Modified 1 Years Ago
21. Records Search Request.pdf
Modified 10 Months Ago
22. Petition for Reinstatement of Driver's License.pdf
Modified 1 Years Ago
23. Petition for Expungement Resentencing Redesignation Marijuana Conviction.pdf
Modified 1 Years Ago
24. Affidavit of Excuse from Jury Duty.pdf
Modified 7 Months Ago
25. Local Rules.pdf
Modified 3 Years Ago
26. Satisfaction of Judgment.pdf
Modified 10 Months Ago
Initial Appearances on Tickets:
Monday, Wednesday & Friday mornings:
  • Check-in begins at 8:00 a.m. for the 9:00 a.m. session
  • Check-in begins at 10:00 a.m. for the 10:30 a.m. session


If you are unable to submit your questionnaire online please call
406-758-5643 to request a printed version.
If you have already submitted your Questionnaire and need an Affidavit of Excusal, Click Here to download it. Print, fill out, and submit it to the Justice Court.

You may now pay your fine on-line with a credit card at:

You must have the case number or citation number and date of birth to complete the payment.  (Additional fees may apply)

If your citations says "YOUR APPEARANCE IN COURT IS MANDATORY" or if the box labeled "IF CHECKED PERSONAL APPEARANCE REQUIRED" , is marked by the officer, or if you have been involved in an accident, you will NOT be able to use the on-line service until after you have appeared in court.

Traffic citations issued by Montana Highway Patrol and Flathead County Sheriff's Department, Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks, Department of Transportation and County Animal Control Tickets are handled in Justice Court. Criminal charges filed by the County Attorney's office are also handled in the Justice court.
  • Paul Sullivan
  • Eric Hummel
  • Amy Farrell


Get directions to the Justice Court. Opens in a new tab.
935 1st Avenue West
Kalispell, MT 59901

935 1st Avenue West
Kalispell, MT 59901

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The mission of the Justice Court is to administer and process to completion traffic, criminal, civil and small claims in a judicious and timely manner and to provide the State of Montana and the public accurate records and information regarding these cases.

Page Last Updated: Apr 7, 2023