Filing Fees

SEC. 25-1-201 MCA

Commencement of each ACTION or proceeding from plaintiff, petitioner, or appellant / includes INVALIDITY $120.00
Petition for ADOPTION $105.00
APPEARANCE of each defendant or each respondent $70.00
CERTIFICATION with a seal $2.00
CIVIL APPEAL from lower court $30.00
Petition for CONTESTED AMENDMENT OF PARENTING PLAN (effective 10-1-97) $120.00
COPIES / paper - $1.00 per page for first ten pages of each file per request and $.50 per page thereafter; emailed copies - $.25 per page  
COPIES of decree of dissolution $10.00
COPIES of Certificate of Marriage $ 5.00
Petition for DISSOLUTION $200.00
Complaint in INTERVENTION $80.00
JUDGMENT / includes Renewal of Judgment, Transcript of Judgment, and Confession of Judgment $45.00
Petition for LEGAL SEPARATION $180.00
MARRIAGE LICENSE / Declaration of Marriage $53.00
OATH or jurat with a seal $1.00
PROBATE / Informal/Formal / includes Guardianships, Conservatorships, and Ancillary cases with Montana Letters issued $100.00
PROBATE / Foreign P.R. with Certificate $85.00
SEARCHES - $2 per name per year up to 7yrs, $1 per name thereafter   
SUBSTITUTION OF JUDGE (required of governmental agencies, excluding criminal cases) $100.00
TRANSFER from another court / includes SMALL CLAIMS appeals $10.00
TRANSMISSION of records or files or transfer of a case to another court (includes removals to Federal District Court and forwarding appeals to Supreme Court) $5.00
WRITS OF EXECUTION / Writs of Assistance / Orders of Sale $5.00