Right of Way Noxious Weed Management

  • Right of Way Herbicide Treatment – Flathead County currently has a fleet of 8 spray trucks and both UTV’s and ATV’s that are used to manage Right of Way noxious weeds.  Our mandate is to manage noxious weeds on all County maintained roads.  However, Flathead County also has contracts to treat some property for various agencies.
  • Right of Way Mowing – In addition to treating with herbicide, Flathead County mows as part of an integrated pest management strategy.  In addition to combatting weeds this mowing reduces fire hazard and improves sight distance to improve safety.


 Noxious Weed Education and Outreach

  • Workshops – In cooperation with other groups and agencies, Flathead County staff provides workshops on topics such as fall herbicide spraying, noxious weed identification, developing integrated weed management plans, etc.  These are not regularly scheduled, so watch our website, the website for the Flathead Conservation District <hyperlink>, as well as local media outlets for upcoming workshops.
  • Public Information Events – Flathead County Weed Control District maintains an annual presence at events, such as the NW Montana Fair and the Arbor Day event ever spring in Woodland Park. 
  • Classroom Activities – The Flathead County Education and Compliance Officer is available to present grade appropriate activities in person, or to provide teachers with ideas and materials for use in their classrooms.


Plant Identification

  • In office ID – Anyone is welcome to bring a plant sample into our office for identification.  Please bring in a full plant sample that includes roots, stem, leaves, and flower.  In addition, you can bring in good quality photos.  However, we may not be able to identify plants from photos.
  • MSU Schutter Diagnostic Lab – If a plant cannot be identified in our office by our available staff we do have the ability to submit your sample to MSU for identification by mail at no cost to you.  In addition, anyone can submit a plant sample on their own.  Video


On Site Consultation – Call our office to schedule an on-site consultation with our Education and Compliance officer.  Depending on your goals, the consultation can be a thorough walk of your property while discussing your goals for a weed management plan.  Resource materials will be provided as well as noxious weed identification.  After the consultation you will be provided with an email summarizing the findings of the site visit and recommendations relating to whatever goals were discussed.