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Monthly Financial Reports Finance
Caregiver Support

We are here to support family caregivers! We offer services such as respite through in-home care. Respite provides relief for the caregiver of an older person at home. We also offer information and assistance to caregivers; access to our resource lounge (appointments required), in which you and/or family members can view educational materials, including webinars, and meet with a trained professional for life care planning. Also visit our Caregiver Corner on our website for information on local support groups, Alzheimer's Association resources, caregiver stories, and more. Caregiver Corner | Flathead County, MT

Agency on Aging
Flathead County Records (After 1984)

The iDoc Web Portal allows access to Flathead County recordings back to 1984 from the comfort of your own home or office. The images and index information are uploaded each night and made available through a secure, password-protected web portal. Users can easily locate documents, view the detailed indexing information, and even view and print the image. If you click on "Basic Search", you can view our indexing for free. We offer both short-term passes and longer term subscriptions for viewing and printing images.  Depending on your needs there is a package for you.

Clerk & Recorder
External website about the Flathead County Records (After 1984). Opens in a new tab.
Flathead County Records (Before1984)

THESE DOCUMENTS WERE RECORDED BEFORE 1984. PLEASE BE AWARE THAT BY PROCEEDING TO CREATE AN ACCOUNT YOU UNDERSTAND THAT NO REFUNDS WILL BE GENERATED. While all attempts are made to ensure the accuracy of the information under our control and to correct any errors brought to our attention, no representation or guarantee can be made as to the accuracy of information presented on this site. All critical information should be independently verified. The quality of the images is dependent on the quality of the document at the time of recording and the quality of the image on the microfilm. If you require a copy of an image that appears non-reproducible, please come into our office, which is located in the historic Flathead County Courthouse-800 S. Main, Kalispell. If you have any questions please contact the Clerk and Recorder`s office at (406) 758-5527. To verify current ownership, contact the Plat Room at (406) 758-5510.

Clerk & Recorder
External website about the Flathead County Records (Before1984). Opens in a new tab.
File a Complaint

Click the link below to access the complaint form.  This form can be emailed to our office, or a hard copy can be mailed or delivered in person.  

Please keep in mind that a signature is required on the form for response by our office.  In addition, all forms submitted become public information. 

Weeds & Parks
External website about the File a Complaint. Opens in a new tab.
File about the File a Complaint. Opens in a new tab.
Approach Permit

 An Approach Permit is needed for any new driveway or upgrades to an existing approach onto a county roadway.

Road and Bridge
Encroachment Permit

An Encroachment Permit is needed to work on the county road or to work within the County right-of-way.

Road and Bridge
File about the Encroachment Permit. Opens in a new tab.
Plant Identification

In-office Identification – Anyone is welcome to bring a plant sample into our office for identification.  Please bring in a full-plant sample that includes roots, stem, leaves, and flowers.  In addition, you can bring in good-quality photos.

MSU Schutter Diagnostic Lab – If a plant cannot be identified in our office by our available staff we do have the ability to submit your sample to MSU for identification by mail at no cost to you.  In addition, anyone can submit a plant sample on their own. Check out this video.

Weeds & Parks
Stolen Property

A list of stolen items like automobiles and firearms.  This information only goes back ONE YEAR from this date

Sheriff’s Office
External website about the Stolen Property. Opens in a new tab.
Sexual or Violent Offender Registration

View a map of sexual and violent offenders in your area.

Sheriff’s Office
External website about the Sexual or Violent Offender Registration. Opens in a new tab.
Traffic Radar Trailer

The Flathead County Sheriff’s Office has a trailer-mounted radar speed display that can be placed throughout the county for monitoring traffic speeds. The location of the trailer is based on the previous history of motor vehicle accidents, frequency of speeding citations, and requests from the public.

Drivers approaching a speed radar trailer will see the posted speed limit displayed, as well as their speed as detected by the trailer. The trailer also records the total number of vehicles and their average speeds during the times it is monitoring traffic.

The speed radar trailer aids in educating the public — especially the driver who may be unaware of exactly how fast they are going. The use of our speed radar trailer strengthens our efforts to reduce speeding through education.

Please be aware that this service is for county roads and not privately maintained roads.

Sheriff’s Office
External website about the Traffic Radar Trailer. Opens in a new tab.
Useful Links

Montana Conservation District, Department of Natural Resources & Conservation.  Various articles and information regarding weed concerns.

University of Montana.  Searchable database of noxious weed lists for all United States by plant name or state name.

Department of Natural Resources & Conservation.  Grants and loans, land management and fire operations.

Montana Noxious Weed Education Campaign, Department of Agriculture. Links to numerous weed related websites.

Natural Resources Conservation Service, United States Department of Agriculture.  State plant lists; information about noxious and invasive plants, including plant profiles; and a searchable database of plants and plant images.

Montana Department of Agriculture.  Various Ag related topics and information.

US Forest Service.  Information regarding many topics related to Forest Service lands.

National Parks Service, US Department of the Interior. Invasive and endangered species.  Specific information related to NPS lands.  Ecosystem restoration and  global conservation.

Montana Weed Control Association.  This web site provides information to strengthen and support weed management efforts in Montana.  It includes a weed control and a weed identification section.

Canadian based site provides information on invasive ornamentals and has a photo gallery.

Whitehall High School Students' educational project in cooperation with the Montana Noxious Weed Districts.  The weed list provided was updated February 10, 2010.

Information on common garden weeds; weed seed dispersal from vehicles; and washing vehicles to prevent weed seed dispersal.

Weeds & Parks
Sprayer Rentals

100-Gallon or 200-Gallon Skid Mounted Sprayer

(100-Gallon sprayer is 32" W x 37" H x 72" L)

$50 Daily Rental

  • Pick up between 8:30am and 9:00am
  • Return between 4:00pm and 4:30pm

$75 Weekend Rental

  • Pick up Friday between 8:30am and 9:00am
  • Return Monday (Tuesday if Monday is a holiday) between 8:00am and 8:15am

3 Gallon Backpack Sprayer

$15 Two Day Rental

Weeds & Parks
Concealed Weapons Permit

Please note that to be eligible for a Flathead County Concealed Weapons Permit, you must first be a Montana resident for six (6) months and you must currently reside in Flathead County.

Office walk-ins are welcome for new and renewal applications on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10 am - 2 pm and by appointment on Wednesdays from 9 am - 3 pm.

Sheriff’s Office
External website about the Concealed Weapons Permit. Opens in a new tab.

The fee is $15.00, payable by cash or local check, for two (2) fingerprint cards. Photo identification is required. 

Sheriff’s Office
External website about the Fingerprinting. Opens in a new tab.
Court-Ordered DNA Testing

The Flathead County Sheriff’s Office provides court-ordered DNA testing on FRIDAYS ONLY from 8:00 am – 4:00 pm. This is not for the purpose of determining paternity.

There is a $10.00 fee, payable by cash or local check. Photo I.D. is required, as is payment at the time of service. 

Sheriff’s Office
External website about the Court-Ordered DNA Testing. Opens in a new tab.
Braveheart Chaplain Ministry

Besides responding to traumatic situations and providing emotional and logistical support to citizens in need, a chaplain to emergency services personnel also provides support to first responders in their daily duties. Because their vocation brings them face-to-face with crises, stress is a built-in part of a first responder’s vocation.

Sheriff’s Office
External website about the Braveheart Chaplain Ministry. Opens in a new tab.
Children's Advocacy Center

The Child Advocacy Center (CAC) allows the capability for centralized services. Children receive forensic interviews and forensic medical exams at the CAC in a child-friendly environment. The CAC utilizes a Multidisciplinary Team to provide comprehensive services to victims of child abuse.

Sheriff’s Office
External website about the Children's Advocacy Center. Opens in a new tab.
EMS Accreditation Renewal Form

This link is to allow members of any Flathead County EMS, Fire or SAR agency to submit their information for renewal.

External website about the EMS Accreditation Renewal Form. Opens in a new tab.

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