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Meals on Wheels

This is a service that provides the homebound (persons unable to leave their home without assistance) with hot, nutritious noon meals delivered by volunteers Monday through Friday. Special diets such as diabetic, low cholesterol or other special needs may be accommodated.

Please call for reservations: 406-758-5711

Agency on Aging
Web page about the Meals on Wheels.
Medicare Benefits Counseling & Assistance

State Health Insurance Program (SHIP)
Assistance with Medicare/Medicaid and supplemental insurance. We help with finding the best Part D (prescription) plan to meet your needs.

Senior Medicare Patrol (SMP)
This is a project that recruits volunteers to learn about the Medicare system and teaches beneficiaries how to read their insurance statements. This program is meant to help fight fraud, waste, and abuse in the insurance field.

Agency on Aging
Web page about the Medicare Benefits Counseling & Assistance.
Microchip Identification

FCAS offers microchip identification for all dogs and cats of Flathead County at a low cost of $25.00. Microchipping is a safe and secure way to identify ownership and help get lost pets home.

Animal Shelter
Montana Asthma Program

The Montana Asthma Program (MAP) provides free services to help children, adults, and their families learn how to better manage asthma in their daily lives.

Community Health
Web page about the Montana Asthma Program.
Montana Disabled Veteran Assistance Program

The Montana Disabled Veterans (MDV) Assistance Program helps disabled veterans or their unmarried surviving spouse by reducing the property tax rate on their home. The veteran must have 100% disability from an injury related to service.

External website about the Montana Disabled Veteran Assistance Program. Opens in a new tab.

Download audiobooks and ebooks for your computer, e-reader, portable media player, or tablet.

External website about the MontanaLibrary2Go. Opens in a new tab.
Monthly Financial Reports Finance
My Voter Page

Check your voting status here!


My Voter Page
Track absentee ballot
View a sample ballot


External website about the My Voter Page. Opens in a new tab.
Ombudsman Program

Advocacy for all residents of long-term care facilities (nursing homes and assisted living facilities), assisting them in resolving problems or complaints. The program serves to monitor the quality of care and life for residents of long-term care facilities. For more information call 406-758-5730.

Agency on Aging
Web page about the Ombudsman Program.
Plant Identification

In-office Identification – Anyone is welcome to bring a plant sample into our office for identification.  Please bring in a full-plant sample that includes roots, stem, leaves, and flowers.  In addition, you can bring in good-quality photos.

MSU Schutter Diagnostic Lab – If a plant cannot be identified in our office by our available staff we do have the ability to submit your sample to MSU for identification by mail at no cost to you.  In addition, anyone can submit a plant sample on their own. Check out this video.

Weeds & Parks
Popular Annual Financial Report

The Popular Annual Financial Report (PAFR) is intended to increase awareness throughout the community of the financial operation of the County. As such, this report is written in a user-friendly manner that will summarize and communicate the County’s financial condition.

File about the Popular Annual Financial Report. Opens in a new tab.
  • Pregnancy testing
  • Options counseling
  • Referrals
  • Proof of pregnancy paperwork

We do not provide pre-natal, adoption, or abortion care at Family Planning. This allows us to be neutral while patients control the discussion about their pregnancy decision.

Family Planning
Property Tax Lien Procedures

The statutes and regulations surrounding tax lien sales leave considerable room for interpretation.  This policy manual is designed to provide Flathead County’s interpretation of these statutes, but it is important to understand more than one interpretation of these statutes is possible.  This policy manual is not legal advice nor does Flathead County provide legal advice to anyone regarding tax lien sales.

Web page about the Property Tax Lien Procedures.
File about the Property Tax Lien Procedures. Opens in a new tab.
Rapid HIV Test
  • Scheduled Appointment
  • The test is confidential.
  • A simple finger-stick to collect a sample of blood is required for the test

The rapid test takes one minute to process. If the test reacts with HIV antibodies we will assist you in obtaining a confirmation test. A confirmation test involves a blood draw that will look specifically for the virus.

Family Planning
Realty Transfer Certificate

The Realty Transfer Certificate (RTC) has been revised and is vital in determining the current ownership of water rights.

All Deeds recorded in Flathead County must be accompanied by the new properly executed RTC.  Currently, the new form is available only at the following link on the Department of Revenue website.

Clerk & Recorder
File about the Realty Transfer Certificate. Opens in a new tab.
Refuse Disposal Solid Waste
Rides On-Demand
  • Rides must be scheduled on weekdays between 7:15 AM - 6:00 PM.
  • Riders 10 years old and younger must be accompanied.
  • Pre-scheduled rides are accepted up to 3 weeks in advance.
  • Rides are first come first serve based on time availability.
  • Columbia Falls On-Demand - 9:00 AM - 3:30 (Monday - Friday)
  • Whitefish On-Demand - 9:30 AM - 4:00 PM (Monday - Friday)
Mountain Climber
Road Abandonment Commissioners' Office
Rural Special Improvement District (RSID)

Rural Special Improvement District (RSID)

Commissioners' Office
School Closures Superintendent of Schools
Web page about the School Closures.

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