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Mailboxes & Snowplowing Policy

It is winter time in Montana again, which means the possibility of mailboxes being damaged by snow plowing and driveway snow being plowed onto county roads.

Mailboxes are considered an encroachment on the county right-of-way. Landowners are responsible for the maintenance and care of their individual mailboxes. The Flathead County Road Department is NOT responsible for any damage done to mailboxes during routine snow plowing and maintenance of county roads.

Typically if the mailbox is not securely attached to the post it will become dislodged by the force of the snow being plowed. Over time the continued force of the snow on mailboxes will loosen the mailbox from the post. Please make sure your mailbox is securely attached to the post. Your mailbox needs to be a minimum of three feet from the edge of the driving surface of the roadway.

Private driveways and roads are not allowed to be plowed across a county road. When a private drive or roadway is plowed across a county road there are berms left in the roadway causing safety concerns for the snow plow and citizens driving on the road. If the berms are not cleaned up they could become hazardous to the motoring public. If a berm is left in the roadway and there is an accident, then all parties responsible for the berm would be liable.

Safety is our number one concern for the Flathead County Road Department for the citizens traveling on our county road system.

Information on Snow & Ice Removal

Landscaping, fences, signs and any other fixtures are not to be placed in the County Right-of-Way.

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