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Save A Life

It happened this week to Steve, a brand-new member of the Flathead County Roads Department. Steve was busy working on a road in Hungry Horse, just doing his job, when a woman came running out of a house asking for help. She told Steve her husband was unconscious, she had called 911, but he wasn't breathing. Without hesitation, Steve followed the woman into the house, and found her husband on the floor with shallow breath and a low pulse. Steve told the woman to start giving short breaths to her husband while he began compressions. Together, they continued until the gentleman began to show signs of life again. After he gained consciousness, Steve continued compressions until the medical services arrived and was transported to the hospital. He did what he could to save a life.

Steve has only been on the job for a few weeks. He had training in CPR which kept the husband alive. He has yet to take his Narcan training. Having a Narcan dispenser and being trained how to use it is something all employees of the County Roads Department have been through...Steve will receive that additional life-saving training soon.

Yes, Steve saved a life that day. He was prepared, he could help, and he did so "because it's the right thing to do," Steve told his supervisor.

What about you? Would you rush in to help? Are you prepared to potentially save a life? It no longer matters where we are or what we're doing...the likelihood of facing the same decision Steve had to make grows daily.

Learn CPR. Carry Narcan and know how to use it. Save a life, like Steve.

All of us at Flathead County are grateful for Steve's actions that day. Thank you, Steve.