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Homeowners Guide PDF

A guide to provide homeowners information on how to protect your home from a Wildland Fire

Fire Service Area
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Annual Report / Audit Report

The county produces an Annual Comprehensive Financial Report (ACFR).  The most recent report is for FY21.

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In-Home Services

We provide services that promote independent living and aging in place such as: 

  • Homemaker
  • Personal Care
  • Assisted Transportation
  • Respite for Caregivers
  • Veteran Directed Care Program

Some services have waitlists. Please call 406-758-5730 for more information.

Agency on Aging
Social Dining (Congregate Meals)

We provide balanced lunch meals in our spacious dining room at the Agency on Aging at 40 11th Street West in Kalispell, and at local senior and community centers. These meals offer seniors an opportunity to have a mid-day balanced meal and to visit with friends and neighbors. For 60+ we ask for a donation of $4. For guests under 60 years of age, the cost for lunch is $8. Visit our home page for the current month's menu. Visit the Congregate Meals page for a listing of the other meals sites in Flathead County.

Agency on Aging
Legal Assistance

Information on powers of attorney, living wills, reverse mortgage loans, etc. Agency on Aging works with a local attorney to offer 30-minute (Pro bono, Free) counseling sessions. For more information please call the Agency on Aging office.

Agency on Aging
School District Lookup

Find school district information for any address in Flathead County.

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Election Information Lookup

Look up election information for properties in Flathead County.

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Floodplain Lookup

Flood Plain information in Flathead County.

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Septic Permit Lookup

Find Septic Permits in Flathead County.

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Map Request

Use this form to request a custom map from the Flathead County GIS Department. Any request for public records must be made in writing per Flathead County Resolution 2414.

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Interactive Mapping Application (IMA)

Flathead County's premier source for land record information.  Search property details, view district boundaries, link to appraisal information, and download surveys of record.

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My Voter Page

Check your voting status here!


My Voter Page
Track absentee ballot
View a sample ballot


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  • Whitefish On-Demand - 9:30 AM - 4:00 PM (Monday - Friday)
  • Whitefish Express Run leaves Kalispell at 9:00 AM and arrives at Depot Transit Center in Whitefish at 9:30 AM
  • Leaves Whitefish Depot Transit Center at 4:00 PM and arrives in Kalispell by 4:30 PM
Mountain Climber
Warrants List

This information is provided as a service and is not considered official court record. This site lists the current outstanding warrants in Flathead County, Montana.

If you have information regarding someone with a felony warrant please call (406) 752-TIPS or your local law enforcement agency. The information on this website is considered public record. The photographs on this website are informational only, and are posted in order to secure public assistance in apprehending suspected felons (44-5-103(13) (f) M.C.A.).

Sheriff’s Office
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Veteran Directed Care Program

The Veteran Directed Care Program (VDC) empowers Veterans to hire and supervise care providers (may be a family member) to help with daily needs. This program is a partnership between the Department of Veterans Affairs, who determines eligibility and establishes participant budgets. All VA enrolled veterans, regardless of age, are eligible if they meet the clinical need for the VDC program. Once approved by the VA, an Agency on Aging Care Coordinator will work with the Veteran to develop a self-directed plan of care and will provide ongoing support to manage the care plan. Call 406-758-2478 to learn more, or email: aacontactus(at)

Agency on Aging
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Marriage License

All persons applying for a Montana marriage license must be in a position to provide proof of age - such as a valid driver's license or birth certificate - and must be single persons. This office does not require copies of dissolution papers, however, since the sworn application regarding your status as a single person is sufficient.

Clerk of Court
Web page about the Marriage License.
Meals on Wheels

This is a service that provides the homebound (persons unable to leave their home without assistance) with hot, nutritious noon meals delivered by volunteers Monday through Friday. Special diets such as diabetic, low cholesterol or other special needs may be accommodated.

Please call for reservations: 406-758-5711

Agency on Aging
Web page about the Meals on Wheels.
Building Rental

Rent a building in the fairgrounds

Web page about the Building Rental.
Teen Clinic

Teen Clinic every Monday from 3:00-5:00 PM and is for guys and girls 19 and younger. No appointment is necessary!

What if I can’t come to Teen Clinic during Teen Clinic hours?
No problem! Make an appointment to be seen during non-teen clinic hours.


  • Birth Control Supply and Free Condoms
  • STD Testing and Treatment
  • Free HIV testing
  • Free Education and Sexual Health Counseling
  • Free Pregnancy Testing, Unbiased Options Counseling, and Referrals
Family Planning
Web page about the Teen Clinic.

We’ll work with you to design a presentation to meet your particular needs. All presentations are free of charge!

Topics include:

  • Pregnancy prevention and birth control education
  • Sexually transmitted disease prevention and education
  • Dealing with sexual pressure
  • How and when to talk to your children about issues related to sexuality
  • How to encourage young people to make healthy decisions about their bodies and future
  • Puberty Education for boys and girls
Family Planning
Web page about the Education.

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