Evergreen Enterprise Overlay

Scheduled for consideration at October 14, 2015 Planning Board Hearing:

2016 Evergreen Enterprise Area document. A proposed addendum to the 1986 Kalispell City County Master Plan.

Section 3.50 - EEO Evergreen Enterprise Overlay. The language of a proposed overlay zoning classification to be added to the Flathead County Zoning Regulations.

Evergreen Enterprise Overlay Zoning District. Sheet 1 of 2. Sheet 2 of 2. Maps showing where the EEO Evergreen Enterprise Overlay zoning classification (above) is proposed to be overlaid on existing B-2 General Business and B-3 Community Business zones in the Evergreen commercial corridor.  

   posted 9.23.15

Rural Whitefish Planning and Zoning Transition

 Draft Zoning Documents

    September 25, 2015

Draft Zoning Map as revised by the Planning Board at the September 23, 2015 meeting.

The Planning Board also revised the list of permitted uses within the proposed B-2A zone.

   September 23, 2015 PB

Revised Draft Zoning Map

Exhibit showing acreage of tracts zoned SAG-10 within interim zoning district as requested by the planning board.

     July 22, 2015

Draft zoning text which would add cross references to the zoning regulations for the proposed BSD, RR-1, BMRR, BMV and B-2A.


      April 8, 2015 PB Workshop

Draft Zoning Map

Power Point showing the pre-2005 unzoned areas and how it is currently zoned under the interim zoning district (interim zoning district is based on the previous City of Whitefish zoning).

Draft County zoning text which would create County zones similar to the previous Whitefish zoning designations. To include:

Karrow Avenue and Houston Tracts Zoning Options

Rural Whitefish Planning and Zoning Transition Issue Report

List of Citizens Concerns 2.6.15

Rural Whitefish Planning and Zoning Options Analysis

 updated 9.25.15