Rural Whitefish Planning & Zoning Transition
  Draft Zoning Documents
     April 8, 2015 PB Workshop
Draft Zoning Map
Power Point showing the pre-2005 unzoned areas and how it is currently zoned under the interim zoning district (interim zoning district is based on the previous City of Whitefish zoning).
Draft county zoning text which would create county zones similar to the previous Whitefish zoning designations. To include:
Karrow Avenue and Houston Tracts Zoning Options Option #1
  Growth Policy and Neighborhood Plans
   (For the Whitefish City County Master Plan 1996 or the Whitefish Area Trust Lands Plan Click Here)
     April 8, 2015 PB Workshop
Growth Policy Draft Designated Land Use Map
     March 11, 2015 PB Workshop

Whitefish Plans Flow Chart

Map showing boundary of the Big Mountain and Big Mountain West Neighborhood Plans, the 1996 Whitefish City County Master Plan (Resort Commercial Designation) and the2007 Whitefish Growth Policy (Planned Resort designation)

South Whitefish Neighborhood Plan

Big Mountain West Neighborhood Plan

Big Mountain Neighborhood Plan


Rural Whitefish Planning and Zoning Transition Issue Report

List of Citizens Concerns 2.6.15

Rural Whitefish Planning and Zoning Options Analysis

updated: March 27, 2015
  Flathead County Zoning Regulations Update 2013
  Draft of Proposed Text Amendments
      February 6, 2015

Text amendment Home Occupations 2/6/15

     July 30, 2014

Text amendment Home Occupations 7/29/14

  Documents Distributed to Planning Board
      February 26, 2014  PB Workshop

Research on Home Occupation

     February 12, 2014 PB Workshop

Home Occupations and Accessory Apartments

      August 14, 2013 PB Meeting

List of zoning issues to be considered by planning board-distributed 8/14/13

  Timeline of Events

Timeline of events regarding Flathead County Zoning Regulations Updated 4/11/14

updated: February 6, 2015