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Planning & Zoning

The Flathead County Planning & Zoning Office provides technical planning assistance to Flathead County.  We are administered by the Board of County Commissioners. Our primary responsibilities include assisting in all facets of long range Community and Neighborhood planning, Zoning Administration and Subdivision Review.  We also administer the Flathead County Lakeshore Protection Program and Flathead County Floodplain Program.  Our staff is available to talk about any aspect of development occurring in Flathead County. 

Important Notices

 Updated Fee Schedule

The Flathead County Board of Commissioners adopted an updated fee schedule effective December 17, 2018 per Resolution #1663L.  To view a copy of the updated fee schedule please click here.

Egan Slough

On June 29, 2018, the Flathead County Planning and Zoning Department received two complaint letters, stating that the Montana Artesian Water Company facility located at 1085 Egan Slough Road was in violation of the Egan Slough Zoning District Regulations.

After conducting an investigation into the alleged violation, the attached report has been prepared.  Also attached are the exhibits referenced in the final report. 

Egan Slough Report

Changes to Flathead County's GIS Interactive Map Site (IMS)

Flathead County's Interactive Map Site (IMS) will be decommissioned and replaced in June 2019.  Oudated and unsupported software along with new GIS technology make this move forward necessary.

A new mapping application, IMA, has been available for some time on the GIS website and we encourage current IMS users to take the opportunity and familiarize themselves with this new tool before the old site will be taken down.  The new IMA app is compatible with mobile devices and allows its use away from desktop and laptop computers.

Please contact the Flathead County GIS Department with any questions at 406-758-5540 or email at gis_online@flathead.mt.gov.

Board vacancy position on Kalispell City-County Planning Board and Zoning Commission

There is one (1) county vacancy on this board.  The term runs for two (2) years beginning April 30, 2019 through April 30, 2021. 

The Kalispell City Planning Board consists of seven members.  There is currently one vacancy for a member who is to be appointed by the mayor upon the designation by the county commissioners of the county in which the city is located.

This representative may be a member of the board of county commissioners or an officeholder or employee of the county.  The mayor may not reject or refuse to appoint to the city planning board a representative designated by a board of county commissioners as provided in Section 76-1-223 MCA; but if the county fails to designate a representative, then the mayor may appoint as a representative of the county a person of the mayor’s own choosing and at the mayor’s sole discretion.


All letters of interest should be received by 5:00 p.m. on Friday, April 12, 2019 For additional information and specific qualifications please call 751-8200.