Wireless Internet Access

Instructions to connect to the Internet while on the NW Montana Fairgrounds

1.     Open your Internet browser.  If you see a CenturyLink welcome page, skip to step #7 below.  If you are unable to see the CenturyLink welcome page, continue with steps below.

2.     Click on "Start"

3.     Click on "Connect to " or " Show all connections"

4.     Click on "CenturyLink Wi-Fi" or "CenturyLink Wi-Fi North" or "CenturyLink Wi-Fi Expo" depending on    the building you are in. (Look at strength of signal bars if in doubt.)

5.     Click on "apply" or "ok"

6.     Close and then reopen Internet browser.  CenturyLink welcome page should open

7.     Insert your credit card information and submit.  You will then be able at that point to go to the internet page of your choice for 24 hours.

This cost is per 24 hours and user can log on and off repeatedly during that 24 hour block of time, but must pay again for the next 24 hour block of time when 1st block expires.  Credit card fees are non-refundable and cannot be prorated by the hour if a full 24 hoursis not needed.