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Floodplain Lookup

Flood Plain information in Flathead County.

External website about the Floodplain Lookup. Opens in a new tab.
Form PPB-8 Property Tax Assistance

Provided by the   Montana Department of Revenue

  • Apply by April 15
External website about the Form PPB-8 Property Tax Assistance. Opens in a new tab.
Healthy Montana Families

Professional, trained parent educators partner with parents and/or parents-to-be to meet the needs and goals of the family, connect the family to community resources, and promote the physical and emotional health of the child and family.

  • 2021 Referral Form (See attachment)
  • Insurance during your pregnancy and beyond
  • Prenatal development education
  • Breastfeed/nutritional education and resources
  • Labor and delivery education
  • Postpartum education and Infant care
  • “Baby-proofing” your home and safety information
  • Developmental milestones
    • Language
    • Motor skills
    • Social-emotional
    • Cognitive
  • Fun developmentally appropriate activities for all ages
  • Activities to support positive sibling interactions
  • School readiness activities to get your child off to the best start
  • Connecting you with other available community resources
Community Health
Web page about the Healthy Montana Families.
File about the Healthy Montana Families. Opens in a new tab.
Homebound Service

ImagineIF, in a partnership with the Friends of the Library, provides home delivery of library materials to customers who are unable to visit the library due to age, illness, accident, or disability. The Homebound Service may be provided temporarily or long-term.

External website about the Homebound Service. Opens in a new tab.
Homeowner's Guide

Home Ignition Zone work will give your home a chance of surviving a wildland fire; and will keep our Firefighters safer when they are protecting your home.

Fire Service Area
Web page about the Homeowner's Guide.
Homeowners Guide PDF

A guide to provide homeowners information on how to protect your home from a Wildland Fire

Fire Service Area
File about the Homeowners Guide PDF. Opens in a new tab.
Hospital Delays Reporting

Please fill out this form if the transfer of care at the hospital is greater than 10 minutes.

External website about the Hospital Delays Reporting. Opens in a new tab.

The Flathead City-County Health Department provides immunizations for all ages. Immunizations are currently available by appointment only on the following days:

Monday and Friday 9:00-12:00 and 1:30 to 4:00pm

Thursday 1:00-4:30 pm

*Please note that appointments for TB Tests will only be available on Mondays and Fridays.

Web page about the Immunizations.
In-Home Services

We provide services that promote independent living and aging in place such as: 

  • Homemaker
  • Personal Care
  • Assisted Transportation
  • Respite for Caregivers
  • Veteran Directed Care Program

Some services have waitlists. Please call 406-758-5730 for more information.

Agency on Aging
Indigent Burial

A completed application must be received at the Commissioners' Office prior to burial or cremation and must meet indigent criteria. 

The deceased must be a resident of Flathead County.

Please contact the Commissioners' Office (phone: 758-5503) or contact the funeral home for an indigent burial application. When submitting an application you must also submit the statement cost from the funeral home.

We do not pay for funeral services, graveside services, memorial services, embalming, transportation of remains, caskets, urns, etc.  There is a flat fee paid for either cremation or burial.  Please contact the Commissioners' Office to obtain the fee information. 

Commissioners' Office
Infection Treatments
  • Urinary tract infection (UTI)
  • Bacterial vaginosis (BV)
  • Yeast infection
Family Planning
Interactive Mapping Application (IMA)

Flathead County's premier source for land record information.  Search property details, view district boundaries, link to appraisal information, and download surveys of record.

External website about the Interactive Mapping Application (IMA). Opens in a new tab.
Itinerant Vendor

Issued to persons going door-to-door or business-to-business selling their wares, within the County.

  • Cost: $25 every 90 days
Jail Roster Sheriff’s Office
External website about the Jail Roster. Opens in a new tab.
Land Value Property Tax Assistance

Residential property owners whose land value is disproportionately higher than the value of their home and other improvements (outbuildings) location on their land may apply for tax assistance. The assistance benefit applies to the portion of the property owner's land value that is in excess of 150 percent of the department's appraised market value of the home and other improvements located on the land.

Submit this form, including all supporting documentation to your local Department of Revenue field office by March 1st.

External website about the Land Value Property Tax Assistance. Opens in a new tab.
Legal Assistance

Information on powers of attorney, living wills, reverse mortgage loans, etc. Agency on Aging works with a local attorney to offer 30-minute (Pro bono, Free) counseling sessions. For more information please call the Agency on Aging office.

Agency on Aging
Liquor License

Establishments must register with the State of Montana first at (406) 444-6900. Fee is based on the determination of the State and is paid to both the State and the County.

Local Emergency Planning Committee
  1. To obtain and provide the general public with information mandated under EPCRA and SARA Title III.
  2. To develop a hazardous materials emergency response plan.
  3. To work as a partner with business and industry to improve participation in mandatory Tier II Chemical annual reporting and promote maximum utilization of Material Safety Data Sheets.
Emergency Management
Web page about the Local Emergency Planning Committee.
Map Request

Use this form to request a custom map from the Flathead County GIS Department. Any request for public records must be made in writing per Flathead County Resolution 2414.

External website about the Map Request. Opens in a new tab.
File about the Map Request. Opens in a new tab.
Marriage License

All persons applying for a Montana marriage license must be in a position to provide proof of age - such as a valid driver's license or birth certificate - and must be single persons. This office does not require copies of dissolution papers, however, since the sworn application regarding your status as a single person is sufficient.

Clerk of Court
Web page about the Marriage License.

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