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The Flathead City-County Health Department provides immunizations for all ages. Immunizations are currently available by appointment only on the following days:

Monday and Friday 9:00-12:00 and 1:30 to 4:00pm

Thursday 1:00-4:30 pm

*Please note that appointments for TB Tests will only be available on Mondays and Fridays.

Web page about the Immunizations.
Hospital Delays Reporting

Please fill out this form if the transfer of care at the hospital is greater than 10 minutes.

External website about the Hospital Delays Reporting. Opens in a new tab.
Homeowners Guide PDF

A guide to provide homeowners information on how to protect your home from a Wildland Fire

Fire Service Area
File about the Homeowners Guide PDF. Opens in a new tab.
Homeowner's Guide

Home Ignition Zone work will give your home a chance of surviving a wildland fire; and will keep our Firefighters safer when they are protecting your home.

Fire Service Area
Web page about the Homeowner's Guide.
Homebound Service

ImagineIF, in a partnership with the Friends of the Library, provides home delivery of library materials to customers who are unable to visit the library due to age, illness, accident, or disability. The Homebound Service may be provided temporarily or long-term.

External website about the Homebound Service. Opens in a new tab.
Healthy Montana Families

Professional, trained parent educators partner with parents and/or parents-to-be to meet the needs and goals of the family, connect the family to community resources, and promote the physical and emotional health of the child and family.

  • 2021 Referral Form (See attachment)
  • Insurance during your pregnancy and beyond
  • Prenatal development education
  • Breastfeed/nutritional education and resources
  • Labor and delivery education
  • Postpartum education and Infant care
  • “Baby-proofing” your home and safety information
  • Developmental milestones
    • Language
    • Motor skills
    • Social-emotional
    • Cognitive
  • Fun developmentally appropriate activities for all ages
  • Activities to support positive sibling interactions
  • School readiness activities to get your child off to the best start
  • Connecting you with other available community resources
Community Health
Web page about the Healthy Montana Families.
File about the Healthy Montana Families. Opens in a new tab.
Form PPB-8 Property Tax Assistance

Provided by the   Montana Department of Revenue

  • Apply by April 15
External website about the Form PPB-8 Property Tax Assistance. Opens in a new tab.
Floodplain Lookup

Flood Plain information in Flathead County.

External website about the Floodplain Lookup. Opens in a new tab.
Flathead Grows Seed Library

Flathead Grows! Seed Library, creating a better quality of life through health, relationships, and a sustainable connection to local food resources.

We’re excited to announce our partnership with the Good Seed Company to bring the Flathead Grows! Seed Library to ImagineIF Columbia Falls. Stop in, get free seeds, grow locally, and enjoy!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Take seeds – Take a seed packet or two, a few seeds will grow a great harvest.
  2. Grow – Need help? Take a flyer, attend a workshop, or find a book, we have resources!
  3. Enjoy – Harvest your veggies, trim your herbs, and smell your flowers.
External website about the Flathead Grows Seed Library. Opens in a new tab.
Flathead County Records (Before1984)

THESE DOCUMENTS WERE RECORDED BEFORE 1984. PLEASE BE AWARE THAT BY PROCEEDING TO CREATE AN ACCOUNT YOU UNDERSTAND THAT NO REFUNDS WILL BE GENERATED. While all attempts are made to ensure the accuracy of the information under our control and to correct any errors brought to our attention, no representation or guarantee can be made as to the accuracy of information presented on this site. All critical information should be independently verified. The quality of the images is dependent on the quality of the document at the time of recording and the quality of the image on the microfilm. If you require a copy of an image that appears non-reproducible, please come into our office, which is located in the historic Flathead County Courthouse-800 S. Main, Kalispell. If you have any questions please contact the Clerk and Recorder`s office at (406) 758-5527. To verify current ownership, contact the Plat Room at (406) 758-5510.

Clerk & Recorder
External website about the Flathead County Records (Before1984). Opens in a new tab.
Flathead County Records (After 1984)

The iDoc Web Portal allows access to Flathead County recordings back to 1984 from the comfort of your own home or office. The images and index information are uploaded each night and made available through a secure, password-protected web portal. Users can easily locate documents, view the detailed indexing information, and even view and print the image. If you click on "Basic Search", you can view our indexing for free. We offer both short-term passes and longer term subscriptions for viewing and printing images.  Depending on your needs there is a package for you.

Clerk & Recorder
External website about the Flathead County Records (After 1984). Opens in a new tab.
Flag Football for Grades 1-4
  • Pee Wee: 1st and 2nd grades; $55;
    • Tuesday & Thursday games
  • Coca-Cola: 3rd and 4th grades; $60;
    • Tuesday & Thursday games

September - October, at the Conrad Complex in Kalispell.

Parks & Recreation
Fireworks Vendor

Issued to persons operating a firework stand between the following dates:

  • June 24th through July 5th: $50 per stand
  • December 29th through 31st: $25 per stand

The fee is $15.00, payable by cash or local check, for two (2) fingerprint cards. Photo identification is required. 

Sheriff’s Office
External website about the Fingerprinting. Opens in a new tab.
File a Complaint

Click the link below to access the complaint form.  This form can be emailed to our office, or a hard copy can be mailed or delivered in person.  

Please keep in mind that a signature is required on the form for response by our office.  In addition, all forms submitted become public information. 

Weeds & Parks
External website about the File a Complaint. Opens in a new tab.
File about the File a Complaint. Opens in a new tab.
FCAS Volunteer

Volunteers are a vital part of FCAS. From socializing animals, encouraging positive training methods, grooming, or becoming a foster home and providing a safe haven to emotionally or medically compromised pets. Each of our volunteers becomes a member of our team on our mission to save the lives of homeless pets.

Please call (406) 752-1310 to ask about our volunteer opportunities and to schedule our next volunteer orientation.

Animal Shelter
File about the FCAS Volunteer. Opens in a new tab.
Encroachment Permit

An Encroachment Permit is needed to work on the county road or to work within the County right-of-way.

Road and Bridge
File about the Encroachment Permit. Opens in a new tab.
EMS Program Manual

The current EMS protocols for Flathead County providers. These protocols are updated at various times and as such, care should be taken to ensure you are using the current version. 

External website about the EMS Program Manual. Opens in a new tab.
EMS Accreditation Renewal Form

This link is to allow members of any Flathead County EMS, Fire or SAR agency to submit their information for renewal.

External website about the EMS Accreditation Renewal Form. Opens in a new tab.
Employment Human Resources
Web page about the Employment.

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