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Title Description Department Internal Webpage URL External URL File
Monthly Financial Reports Finance
Title Paperwork Status Motor Vehicle
Web page about the Title Paperwork Status.
AIDS Testing Family Planning
Automobile License Motor Vehicle
Certificate of Survey Plat Room
Child Support - Receive Payments District Court
Child Support - Records District Court
Employment Human Resources
Web page about the Employment.
Jail Roster Sheriff’s Office
External website about the Jail Roster. Opens in a new tab.
Refuse Disposal Solid Waste
Road Abandonment Commissioners' Office
School Closures Superintendent of Schools
Web page about the School Closures.
View or Pay Taxes
Parcel / Tax Information & Payments

Look up Flathead County tax parcel information and/or securely pay property taxes by Credit Card or eCheck.

  • Search by:
    • Address
    • Name
    • Parcel number/tax ID number
  • Data is updated nightly from the Treasurer's tax/parcel records.
  • Any and all information displayed is 'public information'.
  • Pay property taxes securely online via Credit Card or eCheck. Payment information is never displayed for public view.
External website about the View or Pay Taxes. Opens in a new tab.
Local Emergency Planning Committee
  1. To obtain and provide the general public with information mandated under EPCRA and SARA Title III.
  2. To develop a hazardous materials emergency response plan.
  3. To work as a partner with business and industry to improve participation in mandatory Tier II Chemical annual reporting and promote maximum utilization of Material Safety Data Sheets.
Emergency Management
Web page about the Local Emergency Planning Committee.
Alive at 25

Preventing death among teen drivers and young adults is the mission of Alive at 25. This highly interactive course encourages drivers between the ages of 14 and 24 to take responsibility for their own driving behavior.

Alive at 25 was adopted by Montana in January 2009. The program has proven effective at reducing young driver crashes, injuries, and fatalities.

Population Health
Web page about the Alive at 25.
Approach Permit

 An Approach Permit is needed for any new driveway or upgrades to an existing approach onto a county roadway.

Road and Bridge

The FY 2023 budget is projecting $118.5 million in revenue and a total of $115.6 million in expenditures, including a 2.5% cost of living adjustment for 551.74 full-time employees.  The county continues to strive to plan for future capital needs by saving within our capital funds, budgeting $13.4 million in capital expenditures and $7.6 million in transfers to fund future capital needs.

File about the Budget. Opens in a new tab.
Sprayer Rentals

100-Gallon or 200-Gallon Skid Mounted Sprayer

(100-Gallon sprayer is 32" W x 37" H x 72" L)

$50 Daily Rental

  • Pick up between 8:30am and 9:00am
  • Return between 4:00pm and 4:30pm

$75 Weekend Rental

  • Pick up Friday between 8:30am and 9:00am
  • Return Monday (Tuesday if Monday is a holiday) between 8:00am and 8:15am

3 Gallon Backpack Sprayer

$15 Two Day Rental

Weeds & Parks
My Voter Page

Check your voting status here!


My Voter Page
Track absentee ballot
View a sample ballot


External website about the My Voter Page. Opens in a new tab.

Clinic Hours

  • Monday:       9:00-5:00
  • Tuesday:       8:30-4:00
  • Wednesday:  8:30-5:00
  • Thursday:      9:00-5:30
  • Friday:           8:30-4:00
  • Closed Daily from 12:00-1:00
Family Planning

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