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Weather permitting, open burning will commence on October 1st. Visit this website to obtain a burn permit.

Zone 3 - Beyond 100 Feet

The Goal

In this zone,  keep the fire on the ground as much as possible. This is done by improving forest health and fuel modification. This type of area will limit the fire from building energy and keep it as a surface fire that limits the number of embers generated that impact your home.

Create a mix of trees, grass, and shrubs in this area. Walking paths that are 6 to 8 feet wide and can be cut with a string trimmer is best. Montana DNRC Service Foresters can provide technical advice and assist with your management plan.


These objectives are the same if you own a few acres of forest land or if you are a large landowner.

  • Reduce the risk of catastrophic wildfire
  • Improve forest health, tree vigor, and tree growth rates
  • Control noxious weeds
  • Maintain or improve wildlife habitat
  • Maintain or improve water quality
  • Maintain an aesthetically pleasing forest environment


Timberlands that are managed have a better chance of surviving a wildland fire by having the fire stay mostly on the ground. With small islands of cover for wildlife, you might even see more wildlife than you have in the past. The large trees will have more water and nutrients to thrive and grow faster. New seedlings will sprout and the brush and grass will be healthier. Your property values may even be higher than with all dead black trees.

Page Last Updated: Aug 22, 2022