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Weather permitting, open burning will commence on October 1st. Visit this website to obtain a burn permit.

Zone 2 - First 100 Feet

First Barrier Around the Home

This zone is the lawn around your home with the trees limbed up 6 to 8 feet. The grass is frequently irrigated. Having a clean and green area around your home prevents the spread of embers if they fall in this area.

Lawn Care

Try to have a minimum of 30 feet of lawn in this zone. Grass in the 30 to 100 feet area should be cut 2 to 4 inches high. 


Isolated or small groupings of trees or shrubs can be in areas over 30 feet from the home. Trees should be limbed 6 to 8 feet off the ground. Keep debris from building up around the tree trunk. A best practice is to have minimal flammable material at the base of the trees so the fire won’t climb the tree base.

Before and after photos of clearing the underbrush around a cabin.

Source: County official from Missoula, Montana


Don’t forget the driveway. This is access for you and firefighters. Thin fuels on both sides of the roadway to reduce fire intensity.

Propane Tanks

Propane tanks should be at least 30 feet from your home. Have rock or another non-combustible surface under the tank. Propane tanks are not a big problem if they don’t have direct flame contact.


We know that we don’t want to go too far for an armload of firewood in the winter. However, that stack of firewood is a receptive place for an ember. It can start the stack on fire and be a danger to your home.

Stack firewood 30 feet from any structure. Don’t stack firewood between trees. If the wood catches on fire, it could start the trees on fire.

Page Last Updated: Aug 22, 2022