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A National Emergency Alert TEST is issued for Wednesday, October 4. It will test cell phones and alerts to the media. This will happen at 12:20pm for Montana. Please do not call 911. Please share this information with your social media followers.

Absentee Voting Information


  • Fill out an Application for Absentee Ballot to have ballots for which you are eligible automatically mailed to you.
  • An application may be mailed, or dropped off at the county election office.
  • Applications must be received by the county election office by noon the day before the election. If you drop off the application you will be able to pick up the absentee ballot at the same time, once ballots are available.
  • An absentee voting packet will be mailed to the address you indicated on your application, or you can pick up the packet at the county election office at the time you apply for the absentee ballot, if ballots are available at that time.
  • After voting the absentee ballot, return in the envelope(s) provided. READ INSTRUCTIONS INCLUDED WITH THE PACKET CAREFULLY.
  • Be sure to sign the affirmation on the signature envelope before sending back or dropping off. Note:  The person to whom the ballot was issued must be the person signing the return envelope.
  • You can track your absentee ballot for federal/state elections at My Voter Page

Page Last Updated: Sep 18, 2023