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Thank you to all employees!

The Flathead County 2023 Annual Employee Picnic came at the perfect time. After a Spring of floods and a Summer of smoke and fires and roadwork -- whew -- everyone was ready for a break. Our grill masters were kept busy while employees munched on salads, Tim's Chips, and cookies. While the food and company were top-notch, one thing stole the show: the whirlygig to keep flies and bugs away from the food.

On behalf of the Flathead County Commissioners and Management Teams, we give our sincerest thanks to those who drive a bus, a backhoe, or a mower; who type, copy, or file licenses, deeds, or certificates; who answer the hard calls in times of strife, flag us down and keep us safe; the librarians and healthcare workers who educated us; the landfill engineers, animal shelter or fairgrounds workers who literally clean up; and to every employee who serves this beautiful county and our residents. Thank you.

P.S.: If you're wondering where to get your own whirlygig, look for Fly Spinner on Amazon, (of course)!

If you want to know what's going on in the county and our different departments, please check our stories on the Public Information Office page and follow us on Facebook @flatheadcountymt.