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Aging Gracefully in Flathead County

We are often asked, "What does the county do to help people in need?" We have a variety of services, so let's focus on Flathead County's Agency on Aging which provides care, food, and support for our elderly citizens.

  • Last year, we made 111.4 thousand meals for seniors, most were delivered through Meals on Wheels to home-bound residents. 92% of recipients said having a meal delivered to them has allowed them to stay in their own homes. For many, this is the only time to speak face-to-face with others all day. It also acts as a way to keep check on those who are primarily homebound.
  • Most of our Meals on Wheels delivery people are seniors themselves!
  • We prepare seniors and pre-seniors for Medicare. Once a month we host a Medicare 101 class to help navigate seniors through a very complex maze of choices.
  • We provide information on how seniors can save even more money with coupons, services, and companies that provide discounts. Through careful planning, AoA saved local seniors more than $800 thousand dollars accumulatively last year!
  • We don't just focus on the elderly; we have programs for the caregivers as well. Family members and friends can take advantage of Caregiver Corner, Dementia Training, and counseling.

Flathead County MT offers seniors, their families, and caregivers, the opportunity to live a fulfilling and purposeful life. For information and a calendar of events, visit /agency_on_aging.