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FCAS can only deal with domestic dogs and cats of Flathead County.

For any other animal concerns, please call Animal Control.

If you have found a dog within Flathead County, please call Flathead County Animal Shelter or Flathead County Animal Control. All stray dogs must be held at FCAS for a period of 72 hours. It is never recommended that members of the public house stray dogs. 

If the dog seems to be ill or injured, either take the animal to the nearest vet clinic (you may be asked to cover medical costs), or call Animal Control. Please note that FCAS does not have a vet on staff, and may not be able to handle emergency medical cases. Animal Control can take the animal to a vet clinic.

If the cat seems ill or injured, take the cat to the nearest vet clinic (you may be asked to cover medical costs). 

If the cat seems to be in good health, leave the cat where it was found, and refrain from offering food. Most cats wander within a certain radius of home, and if resources are offered, the cat may not return to it's home. If one ear has been tipped (the top of one ear removed), this is an indication of a feral cat who has been altered and released. Do not approach or try to capture, as this is a working cat and should be treated as a wild animal. 

Cats can be brought to FCAS on an appointment basis only. There is a waiting list for cat intakes. Please call to be added to the list and FCAS will reach out when there is an available kennel. 

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1. Make sure you have current and clear pictures of your lost pet to post on social media and to make flyers.

2. Start looking! Place items like food and water bowls, blankets and bedding and litterbox outside. Both lost dogs and cats return to the area that they were lost from often. Look in any spot that your pet could be hiding in (i.e.. in bushes or open sheds/outbuildings…etc.) For lost cats, double check inside the home. Cats can get stuck in closets, basements, or any other small space that they can fit in.

3. Check regularly with local animal shelters, recues, veterinarian offices and police stations.

4. Print flyers with current pictures and information and post in the area the pet went missing. Speak with neighbors. Word of mouth is critical for sightings.

5. Post lost pet statements on social media. Facebook & Craigslist can be extremely helpful in locating lost pets.

6. FCAS can create lost pet reports that can be seen by Animal Control. Please call FCAS to create a lost pet report as soon as you notice your pet is missing. 

Stray Animal Fee Schedule


Open Hours Impound:             $30

After Hours Impound:              $60

If the animal is a repeat offender (same calendar year), the impound fee is doubled.


Overnight Fee (Altered):           $25/night 

Overnight Fee (Unaltered):       $35/night


Rabies Vaccine:                       $10


Dog License (if in county):       $45


Upon impound, stray dogs receive a DA2PP vaccine, a Bordetella vaccine and a deworming treatment unless FCAS has record of the dog and the dog is current on vaccines. Stray cats receive a FRCP vaccine and deworming treatment, unless FCAS has record of the cat and the cat is current on vaccines. 

If an animal goes unclaimed for 72 hours or more, it is considered abandoned and becomes property of FCAS. The animal is then altered (if not previously altered), receives a rabies vaccine and microchip (if the animal does not already have proof of rabies and microchip) and put up for adoption. 

FCAS can only take pet surrenders from Flathead County residents. Proof of residency is required at the time of surrender.

To surrender a dog, please call and an appointment can be made. Please note FCAS also house stray dogs and dogs involved in criminal proceedings, and must have kennels set aside for Animal Control. Because of this, dog surrender appointments fill up very quickly, and it may be up to 3 weeks before FCAS can take in your dog. 

If you are wanting to surrender a dog with a bite history, or in an active bite quarantine, please call and refer to Flathead County's Rabies Control Program. 

Flathead County requires all residents that are living here for over 30 days to purchase a Lifetime Dog License for every dog they own. 

A current rabies certificate is required to license dogs, and can be acquired from a veterinarian. Residents of Flathead County can apply for and purchase a dog license online or come into the shelter. 

After purchasing a license, residents are required to provide updated rabies certificates every time the dog is vaccinated. This can be done by fax, mailing, emailing or bringing in a copy to FCAS.

It is required that dog owners put the license tag on a well-fitting collar or harness on the dog. Dogs found running at large without a license tag are at risk of impoundment and owners will be required to pay all incurred fees/any citations issued. 

FCAS loves volunteers, and welcomes anyone over the age of 18 to apply to become a volunteer or foster parent. Interested parties can find FCAS' volunteer application and handbook, as well as the foster application under Volunteers on the Programs & Services page of the website. 

Page Last Updated: Sep 8, 2023