Useful Links

Montana Conservation District, Department of Natural Resources & Conservation.  Various articles and information regarding weed concerns.

University of Montana.  Searchable database of noxious weed lists for all United States by plant name or state name.

Department of Natural Resources & ConservationGrants and loans, land management and fire operations.

Montana Noxious Weed Education Campaign, Department of AgricultureLinks to numerous weed related websites.

Natural Resources Conservation Service, United States Department of Agriculture.  State plant lists; information about noxious and invasive plants, including plant profiles; and a searchable database of plants and plant images.

Montana Department of AgricultureVarious Ag related topics and information.

US Forest Service.  Information regarding many topics related to Forest Service lands.

National Parks Service, US Department of the Interior. Invasive and endangered species.  Specific information related to NPS lands.  Ecosystem restoration and  global conservation.

Montana Weed Control Association.  This web site provides information to strengthen and support weed management efforts in Montana.  It includes a weed control and a weed identification section.

Canadian based site provides information on invasive ornamentals and has a photo gallery.

Whitehall High School Students' educational project in cooperation with the Montana Noxious Weed Districts.  The weed list provided was updated February 10, 2010.

Information on common garden weeds; weed seed dispersal from vehicles; and washing vehicles to prevent weed seed dispersal.