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Department Details:

309 FFA Drive
Kalispell, MT 59901

P (406) 758-5798
F (406) 758-5888

Christopher Maestas

Gordon Jewett

Monday - Friday
8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Mission Statement

Flathead County Weed Control District is committed to protecting and preserving the agricultural integrity, recreational opportunities, wildlife habitat, and natural resources of the County from the degrading impacts of noxious weeds.  We will strive to utilize integrated weed management, public education and outreach, and agency partnerships to continually manage the effects of noxious weeds in Flathead County.

What is a Noxious Weed?

Generally, the term “noxious” weed is used to describe any plant that is non-native, unwanted and grows or spreads aggressively.  Some are poisonous to humans and livestock and most will crowd out desirable and native vegetation.  They can reduce crop yields, damage and destroy recreational opportunities, clog waterways and diminish land valuesOnce a weed is designated as being “noxious” it is then subject to state and/or local government regulation. 

State of Montana Noxious Weed List

Flathead County Noxious Weed List

Our Programs

 Noxious Weed Compliance – As stated in MCA Section 7-22-2116 it is the legal responsibility of all landowners in the state of Montana to control noxious weeds on their property.  If weeds on a property are not being managed this department can begin the enforcement process.  This can be initiated by the Compliance Officer if they see lack of management, or due to a complaint being filed with our office.

Noxious Weed Education – In an effort to be a resource to the taxpayers of Flathead Valley, we have staff available to provide education about noxious weeds to individuals and to groups.

  • Landowner Consultations – One on one, on site meeting to assess noxious weed infestation and assist landowner in developing an integrated weed management plan.  You can schedule a consultation by calling our office 406-758-5798 or by emailing a request to weedscompliance@flathead.mt.gov
  • Group Education – There are various opportunities for noxious weed education in group settings.  Our staff provides noxious weed information and educational activities at events throughout the Valley, such as, Arbor Day events, NW Montana Fair, Weed Rodeo, Landowner Stewardship Seminar Series, etc.  In addition, we are available to present for HOA or community groups and provide noxious weed educational course material to Realtors and in local classrooms.  Workshops are also available seasonally in cooperation with Flathead Conservation District on various noxious weed topics.  Please see their website to find upcoming events.

Right-of-Way Weed Control – Pursuant to MCA 7-22-2121 Flathead County employs a seasonal crew responsible for maintenance of noxious weeds on all County rights-of-way.  This is done with a combination of herbicide treatments and mowing.  In addition to County rights-of-way, we also have agreements to treat certain areas for other municipalities and agencies.  If a landowner wishes to manage the weeds in the right-of-way adjacent to their property they can enter into a No Spray Agreement by completing and returning a form to our office for authorization.  Please note that this agreement must be renewed annually.

Rental Spray Equipment – Our office provides both backpack and boom style spray units.

  • 3 gallon backpack style sprayer - $12 for 2 days rental
  • 100 gallon truck bed mount boom sprayer - $45/day $60/weekend
  • 200 gallon truck bed mount boom sprayer - $45/day  $60/weekend

Weed Identification – Our office provides plant identification services.  It is recommended that you bring a full sample of the fresh plant (flowers, leaves, stem, and roots) or clear photos showing all parts of the plant.  If we cannot identify the plant in the office we will send samples to the Schutter Diagnostic Lab at MSU, free of charge, for expert identification.