Department Details:

935 1st Ave West, Suite SS

Kalispell, MT 59901


Jack Eggensperger



Monday - Friday

8:00a.m.- 5:00p.m.

Duties of the Office

Superintendent of Schools

The County Superintendent of Schools is elected for a four-year term and must hold a current Montana Teaching Certificate with a minimum of three years teaching experience. It is a full-time position due to the large number of independent school districts in Flathead County (23). The office includes the superintendent, Jack Eggensperger, a finance technician, Cheryl Morgan, and an administrative assistant, Marci Knoll.

The County Superintendent has general supervision of the public schools of the county. The office is administrative - performing duties outlined by state law, the Board of Public Education, and the Office of Public Instruction. Supervisory responsibilities include areas of administration, legal issues, financial oversight, transportation, tuition, school district organization, classification, boundary adjustments, and centralized clerical and record keeping. The County Superintendent also fulfills state responsibilities for the home school population.

The Office of the Flathead County Superintendent of Schools is the fiscal agent for two cooperatives - the Northwest Montana Educational Service Agency and the Flathead County Special Education Cooperative. The framework and assistance are also provided for other cooperatives.

The office is a liaison between the state and local government units and the taxpayers. It is a "sounding board", assisting school boards, educators, parents, students, and communities to understand federal, state, and local laws relevant to education.