Building Information

When is a Permit Required

Flathead County does not have a building department and our office does not regulate the uniform building codes. The county does not have records of building plans and does not have information regarding snow loads and wind velocities. The building code is administered by the State of Montana. Permitting is required through the State if your property is located outside city limits.

However, if the property is zoned BS (Business Service District), BR-4 (Resort Business), HO (Highway Overlay), I-1H (Light Industiral Highway) and WV (West Valley) a site plan review is required prior to the start of construction. In the WV zone site plan review is only required for neighborhood convenience stores.

Building Codes

Building codes are administered by the State Department of Labor and Industry. Their office is located at 301 S Park Ave, Helena MT, 4th Floor. You can access permit information or apply fro a permit through their online public portal at: For all other services please contact them via phone at 406-841-2056 or email

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Site Plan Review

Prior to any site development in the specified zones, a complete application and detailed site plan shall be submitted to the zoning administrator to demonstrate compliance with site plan, vicinity map & zoning regulations. Appropriate fee will need to be included.



Updated: April 22, 2022