Elected Officials and Our Boards

The County Commission is the Executive as well as the Legislative branch for Flathead County. The Commission consists of three elected commissioners. A commissioner is required to live within a commission district, but all commissioners are elected at large. Commissioners are elected to six-year terms. In January of each year, members of the County Commission elect a chairman of the board. The chairman is responsible for conducting public meetings in compliance with state law. The county Commission is responsible for County policies, subdivision review passing resolutions and ordinances, zoning, setting appropriations, setting levies for County funds, fire districts, setting of fees, rural improvement districts, special districts, and appointing residents to boards and commissions.

In addition to the County Commissioners, Flathead County has eight elected officials representing various branches of government. Elected offices include the Sheriff, Clerk and Recorder, Treasurer, County Attorney, Clerk of Court, two Justice Court Justices of the Peace, and the Superintendent of Schools.

Flathead County has many oversight and advisory boards that meet semi-regularly. Members of these boards may be elected or appointed.