Safety Information

Risk Management Team

Mike Pence - Commissioners - 758-5505
Tammy Skramovsky - Human Resources - 758-5522
Dave Prunty - Solid Waste - 758-5912
Brad Salonen - PayneWest - 758-4200

The Flathead County Risk Management Safety Committee will provide quality management, technical guidance, consultation and leadership that will promote and implement continuous improvement in employee safety through the development of procedures, training programs, processes and services ensuring a safe working environment for all County personnel.

We will be recognized as a leader among public sector safety management departments for the quality of our work and our leadership in innovative safety programs for public sector employees. We will be recognized within Flathead County for our progressive and innovative employee safety and health programs, and state-of-the art training techniques.


  • We are committed to being an outstanding member of the Flathead County organization and are dedicated to supporting and contributing to a safe working environment for all Flathead County personnel.
  • We will serve Flathead County by doing what is right, keeping promises, providing the best possible service, being dependable and accurate with information.
  • We have a public service attitude that uses active employee involvement and teamwork to work toward achieving quality and excellence through continual improvement of all programs and services.
  • We involve Flathead County employees through our Total Involvement Safety Program by setting mutual goals and objectives as a team and taking responsibility for program management.
  • We will value all employees and are committed to treating all individuals as we expect to be treated, with dignity and respect.

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