County Road Weight Restrictions are Coming Up


County Road Weight Restrictions are Coming Up

Weight restrictions on all county roads go into effect March 16 and will be lifted when conditions warrant, usually mid-to-late April. Restricted weight per vehicle is not to exceed 350 or 400 lbs. per inch of tire width (see County Resolution No. 2585 to determine the allowed weight). Restrictions will remain in place for higher elevation roads, usually two weeks after the valley floor.


Asphalt is a great pavement choice in areas with extreme conditions like Montana. Yet, there are times when this bendable pavement becomes fragile. As frost melts beneath the layers of pavement, materials under the asphalt turns wet and spongy. When heavy trucks/equipment use the roads during this sloppy time, it can cause permanent damage. Seasonal weight restrictions are based on number of axles, weight of the vehicle, size of the tires, speed of the vehicle and known road conditions. Flathead County needs the right balance between “open truck season” and protecting our roads. 

Watch for road signs and visit Flathead County Roads and Bridges for updated road information.