Electronic Filing

Document processing status as of today:
CRIMINAL cases approximately 1 HOUR
CIVIL cases approximately 2 DAYS

The Eleventh Judicial District Courts were converted to electronic courts on March 4, 2019.  The District Court Judges issued an Order Implementing Electronic Filing on February 8, 2019 mandating a May 1, 2019 deadline for licensed Montana attorneys to get registered and begin using the system. NOTE: Supreme Court Rules do not allow self-represented litigants to electronically file documents.

The Supreme Court issued Temporary Electronic Filing Rules , Instructions for Registration on the E-Filing system, and Instructions on filing documents electronically to assist filers, and Peg Allison created an E-Filing Supplement to address most frequently asked questions and issues raised in Flathead and Missoula Counties over the last several months.

The 2020 Lawyer's Deskbook will include an insert with helpful document preparation tips and references to several on-line resources.

Please let Peg Allison know if you have suggestions or comments about the Supplement!