Clerk Of Court

920 South Main, SUITE 300, Kalispell MT 59901
Flathead County Justice Center - 3rd floor

Hearings Via Zoom
The health, safety and protection of litigants and staff are the highest priority for the Courts.
Do not appear at the Justice Center unless absolutely necessary.
Appearance at hearings by video or telephone is strongly recommended. Pro se litigants may use a Notice of Attendance document to advise the court that you will not be attending a hearing in person.  The document must be received by the Clerk via US Mail or by hand-delivery no later than noon the day BEFORE the hearing. Otherwise the court will expect litigants to appear in person.

EFFECTIVE JUNE 1 self-represented litigants will no longer be allowed to file documents by email.

It is the goal and responsibility of the Clerk of Court to serve the public in areas including, but not limited to, case management, marriage licenses, passports, and child support records. We assist District Court judges by providing optimum and efficient management of all District Court records. Our aspiration is to attain these obligations as efficiently and amiably as possible, as would be expected by the citizens of Flathead County.

Peg Allison

Department Details:

920 South Main, Suite 300
Kalispell, MT 59901

P (406) 758-5870

Peg L. Allison

Monday - Friday
8:00a.m. - 5:00p.m.