Goals and Objectives

  • To open lines of communication with all Department heads to educate and aid in meeting their needs.
  • To effectively prosecute criminals while pursuing sentences which hold them accountable for their actions and address their individual needs while protecting the community.
  • To promote the fair, impartial and expeditious pursuit of justice.
  • To ensure safer communities.
  • To promote integrity in the prosecution profession and coordination in the criminal justice system.
  • To provide quality, timely and proactive legal services to the Board of Commissioners and all County departments so as to minimize the County's exposure to legal liability and risks of litigation.
  • To provide proactive advice and training to law enforcement personnel to aid in the effective investigation and prosecution of criminal cases.
  • To be fiscally responsible to tax payers while protecting and reducing crime in the community.
  • To hire and retain quality employees to support our efforts to protect the community.