Road Advisory Committee

District #1 - Rick Blake
District #2 - Tom Sands - Chairman
District #3 - Jim Lynch
At Large - Gary Rose
At Large - Jeff Larson - Vice Chairman

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The Flathead County Road Advisory Committee is created by Resolution No. 2070, passed by the Flathead County Board of Commissioners on June 26th, 2007 and shall exercise the following general functions and duties:

              (a)         Provide assistance to the Board of Commissioners in devising methods to increase resources to be used for road maintenance and improvement.

              (b)         Provide assistance to the Board of Commissioners in the allocation of available resources for maintenance and improvement.

              (c)         Advise the Board of Commissioners concerning issues regarding County road maintenance and improvement and provide public education as to the issues involved in County road improvement and maintenance.

              (d)         Review requests by the Board of Commissioners for road issues that have come to their attention.