Our County Commissioners

The Board of County Commissioners is the county's governing body, which consists of three commissioners elected at-large to six-year staggered terms. The County Commission is the Executive as well as the Legislative branch for Flathead County. The board is charged with setting policy to guide county programs that serve residents and businesses in Flathead County.

Commissioner, District 1, Philip B. Mitchell

Phil Mitchell photo

Mitchell was elected in November 2014 and began his term January 1, 2015. He represents District 1 in the northern part of the county.

Contact: pmitchell@flathead.mt.gov

Commissioner, District 2, Pamela Holmquist

Pamela Holmquist photo

Holmquist was elected for her first term in November 2010 (began January 1, 2011) and her second term in November 2016 (began January 1, 2017). She represents District 2 in the central part of the county.

Contact: pholmquist@flathead.mt.gov

Commissioner, District 3, Randy Brodehl

Randy Brodehl photo

Brodehl was elected in November 2018 and began his term January 1, 2019. He represents District 3 in the western part of the county.

Contact: rbrodehl@flathead.mt.gov