Training &Events Calendar

 MSU Fire Services Training School

Flathead County Classes: To Register: Call Toll Free Voice Mail at 800-294-5272, Talk to a staff person at 406-761-7885 or email to Kyle Jore @ Class cost is $29.00 per person. Tuition for Flathead County Fire District members will be paid by the NW Montana Firefighter Association. Registration must be made two weeks prior to each class.

 Non-Flathead County Classes:  It is important to pre-register for FSTS courses as minimum pre-registration must be met 2 weeks prior to the class or it will be canceled. (NFA requires class minimums be met one month prior to the course scheduled dates, No Exceptions). Courses start at 8:30 a.m. unless otherwise noted. Tuition for NFA Courses and Courses marked with an (*) are $29 per student (Local FD-State) - Federal, private, others and Out of State Tuition is 160% of in-state. + Denotes FSTS courses which are part of the Associates Degree Program through the MSU College of Technology - Great Falls. Most Classes will start at 8:30 a.m. unless noted otherwise. DNRC has several Courses listed below with dates, Course titles and locations. Please register with the email address listed for each class.  The training opportunities listed here are open to all Montana community responders. Most of the training provided by FSTS is done working with a single department/company. This training is not listed because it is not open to others. Individual company training is heavily subsidized by the Legislature. If you would like training assistance for your organization, contact FSTS and we will do our best to deliver for you. Check out their website for additional classes.  More Information.

Flathead County EMS: Additional classes are available that are not listed below.  Please contact them at 406- 751-8190/8191 or check out their training newsletter. More Information.

DNRC: For additional information or questions, please contact Nick Merriman @ 406- 751-2273,, Fred Holmes @ 406-751-2270,, or Bill Glaspey @ 406-751-2275,