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GPS Base Station Data 

The Flathead County GIS Department maintains a Community Base Station, which logs GPS data that can be used to improve the accuracy of a roving GPS receiver through post-processing procedures. The data can be accessed through Trimble Pathfinder Office software or can be manually downloaded through the links listed below. Please note: this base station is scheduled to be shut down on July 15th, 2015 (other nearby base stations that may be used instead include the Polson and Kalispell (FVCC) CORS station).

satelliteCurrent Data (previous 3 months to present):

Archived Data (four months or older):
If you do not find the data you need, please contact us.

Station Information:
The Pathfinder ProXR Receiver is set to log in 5 second intervals.
Latitude: 48-11-21.98164 North
Longitude: 114-18-39.92087 West
Height Above Ellipsoid (HAE): 2938.221 feet
Mean Sea Level (MSL): 2991.220 feet
Elevation Mask: 10 degrees
Antenna Information:
Compact L1 with Ground Plane
Manufacturer: Trimble
Class: Survey
Part Number: 23965-00

The zipped files contain ssf data, and are named to correspond with the convention below:
Where YY is the last two characters of the year
MM is the Month
DD is the Day of the Month
and HH is the hour in UTC time.