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Interactive Mapping Website Instructions

There are tools on the left side of the webpage, and data layers that are available are shown on the right. Data Layers can be turned on by expanding the category and clicking in the square "Visibility" box. The layers that are available are "scale dependent" meaning that layers will only be available at certain "Zoom" levels.

The "Search" tool is located in the blue bar at the top of the screen and provides several search options.

If you wish to identify parcel ownership visually, you can use the "identify" tool located in the tools on the left side of the screen. Select the tool, and then select the parcel with your mouse in the map window. The ownership information window will open. The "identify" tool can be used with layers other than the parcel layer by changing your active layer in the upper right hand corner.

The latitude and longitude which is displayed for the map center is in WGS84 coordinates.

Please visit our FAQ's page to download detailed use instructions for the IMS website.